marți, 31 ianuarie 2012

Omerta Terrormachine #30

Introduction: Molti Nemici, Molto Onore. Interviews: Varg Vikernes from Burzum (His interview given in Terrorizer magazine on December 2011), Waffenbrüder (Australia), Global Crime Cartel: Startling revelations about the Bilderberg-Club ((interview with a Swiss banker done in Mosсow 30.05.2011), Bordelboys (France).

NS/WP News, A.M.E. New activities + Samizdat “Resistance in our own battlefields”.

Free Vlastimil Pechanec (Czech P.O.W.), New Releases, Underground NS Press, Demonstration “Kosovo Jest Serbskie” in Poland, Lives or Dead, NS Tattoo.

Articles: “Nationalism is a Living Ideology” by Loukas Stavrou, Underground Fanzine culture, Russian Will (Русская Воля) History Bio, Dr. Joseph Goebbels “Nazi&Sozi” new book from Thule Publications, “The tragic sense of conventional history” by Legionar, “The triumph of the Will” by Unknown Soldier, “The White and Blue Division” (notes about the Greek Volunteers in Eastern Front).


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