sâmbătă, 11 septembrie 2010

Kill Baby, Kill! - Muslims Out!

Fucking towelhead bastards they come overhere
Gangs of camelfuckers fill our people with fear
They attack our way of living, they're out of controll
Taking over Europe is their only goal

Muslims out! Muslims out!
Hear the people scream,
Hear the people shout!
Muslims out! Muslims out!
Wogs go home,
no more pushing us about!

Their religion they impose to you and me
Destroying our culture before our eyes. can't you see?
Mosks are rising on every street
leftwing politicians grovelling at their feet

Allah Akbar, what a shower!
But they are running Europe, we're an occupied power
When I think of what they've done here, it fills me whit hate
... they're turning Europe in a muslim state!

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